Derrick Ofosu Captures The Strength and Joy of Ghana in Photo Exhibition

Homecoming Gallery is a new online art platform founded by Karlijn Bozon and Nadine van Asbeck that is dedicated to showcasing emerging and local talent across the African diaspora. The photography-focused organization recently launched a digital exhibition featuring vibrant portraits from celebrated Ghanian photographer, Derrick Ofosu. Entitled “School & Art,” the virtual presentation encompasses a variety of staged and stylized portraits featuring Ghanian locals of different ages.

Ofosu’s selection of portraits aim to show the “positivity, strength and joy of Ghana” despite the negative and despair-filled stories relayed by major news outlets when it comes to reporting on the country and other African regions. “They neglect to shine a light on the energy, power, immense creativity and pride that’s also embedded in our culture,” Ofosu explained in an interview with the gallery. “For me, in life, the negative and the positive are often intertwined. My photography is a celebration of both those thoughts, the colours, the people, and the pure sense of beauty that is to be found in my everyday life here. I hope to give a sense of healing with my photography,” he added.

With this exhibition, Ofosu aims to share his own personal experiences with a selection of images he captured for his own school project as photography student in Ghana as well as inspire young kids across Africa such as those in the Accra Junior High Schools. When it comes to his inspirations, he expressed: “For me the people and colours of this country are my inspiration. Real life, the marketplace, communities, the laughter, there’s just so much expression in everyday life. As soon as I step outside of my house there’s colour everywhere, Africa is full of it.”

Check out select portraits above and then head to Homecoming Gallery’s website for more information.

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