Does French Open have a fifth set tie-break or do players need to win by two clear games? – The Sun

THE French Open is into its final four and Novak Djokovic is looking to set up a final against Rafael Nadal.

But first the Serb needs to get through a tough five-set encounter with Stefanos Tsitsipas.

But what happens if matches reach 6-6 in the final set?

Does the French Open have a fifth set tie-break?

The French Open DOES NOT have a fifth set tie-break.

Following a change of the rules at Wimbledon, Roland Garros is now the only tournament where play continues until one player wins by two clear games.

How do fifth sets work at other grand slams?

As of 2019, each Grand Slam has a different method of deciding the fifth set.

At Wimbledon, a tie-break is only used when the score reaches 12-12.

But in the French Open players are still required to play out the set until there is a winner by two clear games.

In the US Open, a tie-break has been used to decide matches since 1970.

The Australian Open also has a fifth set tie-break, but players must reach ten points rather than seven to win.

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