Dogecoin Developers Reveal Elon Musk Has Been Working With Them Since 2019

While it is quite clear that Dogecoin’s co-creator doesn’t care much for Elon Musk, that hasn’t stopped its current developers from working with him.

Revealed by Decrypt, it appears that the billionaire has been working with Dogecoin developers as early as 2019. One of the developers, Ross Nicoll, mentions that Musk “encouraged them to improve the higher transaction throughput” and provided input, advice, and connections.

With Elon officially turned off from Bitcoin due to its energy consumption, he is looking to take Dogecoin’s energy consumption, which is already just seven percent of BTC, down to one percent or less of Bitcoin’s.

It was also revealed that the Doge team refused funding from Musk and other wealthy individuals.

In other crypto news, Coinbase reports a $771 million USD profit in the first quarter of 2021.
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