Dogs battle over empty toilet roll in cute video thats left people in stitches

Dogs often are seen playing with squeaky toys or perhaps a slipper that was left lying around.

However, these two pups have been caught in a war over both wanting to play with an empty toilet roll.

In a Reddit post titled “One man's trash is another pup's treasure” the pair of pooches are videoed biting the cardboard of a toilet roll.

The video contained text which said: “This fight is literally over an empty toilet paper roll.”

The two stubborn pooches were left in an epic battle of strength and endurance as they both secured an end to each piece of cardboard.

Not giving in, the dogs held onto the toilet roll while maintaining intense eye contact.

A third dog can be seen in the background keeping out of the antics.

Unfortunately, the video cut before we could witness which of the pets were victorious.

But after watching the doggy drama, people took to the comments to share their thoughts on the hilarious video.

One user said: “Humans have fought for sillier reasons.”

Another person commented: “Lovers quarrel”

A third user added: “Sounds like every other married couple. They fight over the same thing.”

Meanwhile, another person related to the battle, writing: “These are my dog's favoyrite toys. Paper towel rolls are a special treat!”

And a fifth noted: “Get comfortable, this could be a while.”

Maybe they are both still holding onto the toilet roll now…

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