Easy and festive 4th of July s'mores board that looks like an American flag

Nothing says all-American summer like s’mores and this twist on the classic is a patriotic upgrade just in time for 4th of July.

Maegan Brown, aka The BakerMama, came up with this red, white and blue s’mores tray to make the iconic treat resemble the American flag.

PHOTO: Build festive s'mores for 4th of July with a patriotic-inspired snack board.

“From the tasty M&M Muddy Buddies snack mix to the Hershey’s Patriotic Cookies ‘N’ Creme Candy Bars, the sweet details make it such a neat treat,” Brown wrote in her blog post. “Get those marshmallow roasters ready, y’all! We’re about to get toasty.”

How to make a star-spangled s’mores tray

PHOTO: A finished star-spangled s'mores board.

First wash the raspberries and strawberries and slice the strawberries. Then make a snack mix by mixing peanut butter and chocolate Muddy Buddies Snack Mix with M&M’s red, white and blue patriotic peanut butter candies.

On the tray, first place a diagonal row of the M&M Muddy Buddy Snack Mix in the bottom-left corner of the tray, followed by diagonal rows of star cookies, s’mores marshmallows, strawberry slices and graham crackers.

Break the Hershey’s Patriotic Candy Bar into four and fill the top left corner with the pieces. Using a mini star cookie cutter, cut the Reese’s Thins White Creme Peanut Butter Cups into mini stars and place on top of the Hershey’s Candy Bar pieces.

Finish the red-and-white stripes with a row of raspberries, another row of marshmallows, red star cookies and M&M Muddy Buddies Snack Mix.

PHOTO: A red, white, and blue star-spangled s'mores board for the 4th of July.

Finally, serve with an additional bowl of M&M Muddy Buddy Snack Mix, s’mores skewers and festive plates and napkins. Roast and enjoy!

Recipe reprinted from The BakerMama courtesy of Maegan Brown.

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