Employees must 'acknowledge white privilege' for more diverse workplaces

Racial inequality in the workplace can be a real issue. So much so, 78% of young Black employees have heard racist language in the office.

A new report suggests that it is, at least in part, up to white employees and managers to improve workplaces for their ethnic minority colleagues.

The report, launched by Chartered Management Institute (CMI), states that it is ‘vital for white people to become more aware of their privilege and power’.

By acknowledging their privilege, the report authors say that white colleagues can use it to ‘dismantle inequity in power’ across society and within the workplace.

‘Privilege can be used positively to help dismantle the walls that people from diverse ethnic groups can come up against in workplaces and society,’ reads the report.

It goes on to offer actionable suggestions: ‘Put in the work to look at your organisations and wider society from fresh, new perspectives.

‘Consider your privilege and how it can be used for positive change. Champion racial justice. Listen and learn with humility.’

‘In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, many business leaders expressed renewed dedication to creating anti-racist workplace cultures, championing equality and driving inclusivity,’ says Pavita Cooper, Chartered Management Institute race chair.

‘It is vital that these commitments do not slip down the agenda.

‘To see substantial, long-term progress, managers must continue to educate themselves and their staff on the complexities of racial inequality, prioritise anti-racist policies, and show unequivocal support for employees who encounter racism.’

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