Euro 2020 play-offs likely to take place in October – Football Association of Ireland

The Euro 2020 play-off semi-finals are likely to be played in October, the Football Association of Ireland has said.

The governing body’s interim chief executive Gary Owens took part in Tuesday’s teleconference with Uefa.

The Republic of Ireland are away to Slovakia in the play-offs with Northern Ireland away to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Irish FA has not commented on the potential date of Northern Ireland’s trip to Bosnia.

The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will be involved in an all-Irish battle for a place at the Euros if they win their play-off semi-finals, which were originally scheduled to be played last month.

Owens, meanwhile, also said that Nations League games are likely to be played in September and October.

“We thought it may well be November but it now looks like the semi-final is the preferred option in October,” Owens said when speaking about the play-offs in an interview with FAI TV.

“They don’t want to have the semi-final and the final of the play-offs in the one month. It looks like the Nations League matches will be in September and October with the semi-final play-off in October and the final play-off in November.”

If the matches do go ahead as the FAI suggests, it means new Republic boss Stephen Kenney could have as many as five games played before the trip to Bratislava.

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