Evil Doomsday alarm clock wakes you up by saying the apocalypse has begun

Thousands of people struggle to get up in the morning, and try many different methods to wake up, from cold showers to getting a dog.

However, there might be a simpler answer right in front of you: a Doomsday Alarm Clock which wakes you up in the morning by telling you about how the world might end.

The free alarm clock app is available to download on the Apple App Store for iPhone. All you have to do is set your alarm for the morning and pick which apocalypse scenario to wake up to.

A creepy AI voice will read out information about doomsday to try and get you out of bed in the morning, going as far as to say "I'm just a smartphone app watching you sleep."

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If you're bored of the same old apocalypse scenarios, the Doomsday Alarm Clock lets you pick which doomsday you'd like to wake up to. Options include:

  • Super Volcano: This alarm tells you about the threats of supervolcanoes, which could end life as we know it if they ever erupt
  • Evil A.I.: This alarm option warns us about the dangers of military artificial intelligence and facial recognition, as well as how it could destroy the human race
  • Global Warming: The most likely apocalypse scenario, this alarm wakes you up by telling you about the cataclysmic impact of climate change, just like the news
  • Asteroid Strike: If you'd like to be awoken to news of an asteroid strike, this alarm option will tell you in excruciating detail about how the asteroid will block out the sun and destroy all life on the planet
  • Nuclear War: This alarm will tell you about what a nuclear weapon would do to humanity, warning "all we can do is pray"

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Each apocalyptic alarm recording ends with a gentle greeting that says, "good morning", and is accompanied by some doom-laden string music which wouldn't be out of place in a horror film or thriller.

The only issue with the Doomsday Alarm Clock, besides the obvious terror it will inspire at 6 in the morning, is that it could lead to a boy-who-cried-wolf situation should actual Doomsday ever arrive.

Luckily, if the apocalypse does begin, there'll be nothing left worth waking up for anyway, so you might as well hit the snooze button.

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