Exorcist who saw own mum thrown across room says possessed man tried to stab him

An exorcist has opened up about a “life-threatening encounter” when a person supposedly possessed by demons tried to slash him with a 12-inch long shard of glass.

Bill Bean has been a practising exorcist since 2013, supposedly helping people who believe themselves to be controlled by evil demonic spirits.

The exorcist has shared stories of close calls with demons in the past, including seeing people “levitate” and seeing a woman’s eyes become “reptilian”.

Now, in an interview on theCoast to Coast podcast , Bill opened up about how his career as an exorcist had started after he found himself a victim of demonic attacks as a child.

“It certainly wasn’t my choice to do this work, it started off as being a victim and experiencer (sic) of these things,” he began.

“My mother, she suffered far greater than me or anybody else, she suffered more than anyone I’ve ever seen in my life.”

In one horrific encounter, Bill explained how he had seen his mother “picked up by an unseen force and thrown across a room”.

He recalled: “She was cut, she was bruised, and crashed into her makeup table… and suddenly after seeing that, all of the fear that I had for so long, for what seemed like an eternity, turned to rage and anger.”

Bill then described how, on that day, he had taken it upon himself to call the creatures out, remembering: “As I was doing this, it was like a scene from a horror film; the house started shaking and things were falling off the walls.”

After this incident, Bill has gone on to pursue a career battling alleged demonic forces, and has supposedly helped a number of people as a spiritual deliverance minister.

And, he described how he had come into danger himself during his work.

“Well I guess I could say that demons, through people, have tried to attack me,” he admitted.

“I’ve been in life threatening situations, with guns, with knives. One person broke a window, and took a shard of glass that was about 12 inches long and tried to slash me and other family members with it.

“If not for the love and saviour and blessing of God, I would not be here today, I’m sure of it.”

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