Eyes On: Eve Jobs

Name: Eve Jobs

Age: 22

Hails From: Palo Alto, Calif.

Résumé: The Stanford University class of 2021 student is the youngest child of Steve Jobs and is previously best known for her equestrian talents. The science technology and society major is ranked fifth best in the world under age 25, out of 1,000 riders, according to Horse Sport, and in 2019 won a place at the World Cup Final after ranking second in the North American Western League.

Why We Care: Jobs is now on the fashion world’s radar thanks to her modeling debut, for Glossier’s holiday campaign. In the photos she is seen looking bare-faced and ever-so-glam from a bubble bath, Glossier’s lip gloss on display in one shot and a glass of wine in the next (we have to respect a vino-in-the-tub move).

In addition to following in the footsteps of fellow equestrian scions like Jessica Springsteen and Georgina Bloomberg, not to mention countless European royals, Jobs’ Instagram indicates she’s become friendly with some of L.A.’s coolest young set, including Luka Sabbat and Jenner BFF Harry Hudson.

So where does Jobs’ modeling future go from here? Fashion can’t resist a scion — only time will tell where this latest breakout ends up next.


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