Facebook To Roll Out #StopAsianHate Notifications For AAPI Heritage Month

Facebook is planning on rolling out additional features on its site as a way to undertake some initiatives to combat the rise in violence and hate against the Asian and Pacific Islanders community. Facebook has chosen this month to spotlight the impact of Asian hate crimes as well as the diversity of the community on Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month.

This May, Facebook users across the U.S. will see the notification in the form of hashtag, #StopAsianHate at the top of their news feeds. The page will allow users to tap to donate to API groups specifically tackling issues of hate and discrimination. To social media platform is also committed to extending its comment warning system, in hopes to dissuade users from using harmful language towards the API community.

The sharp increase in anti-Asian racism has been a large impact on the community’s mental health. Facebook has partnered with many organizations including the Asian American Psychological Association to provide further support and open discussions on mental wellbeing.

Additionally, Facebook is set to feature API-owned businesses in shop features such as the Shops You May Like feature as well as @shop on Instagram. Previously, Facebook made a $5 million USD donation to organizations pushing for racial justice and equality for the AAPI community. The donation came following a pledge Facebook made last summer for a $10 million USD racial justice grant.

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