Fans Hopeful Harry Styles May Be Launching Fragrance And Cosmetics Line

If the rumors are true, Harry Styles is about to explode onto the beauty and cosmetics industry. Yahoo News reports that fans are tuned in to his social media accounts with baited breath, as rumblings of this hot new business venture have begun to seep through the media channels. Harry Styles has long been revered for his incredible fashion sense and his knack for using his own personal stylistic accents to take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. He has rocked impeccable manicures and hints of cosmetics on the red carpet, and was recently secured by Gucci to represent their iconic Gucci Talk Show, so when it comes to being fashion forward and stylistically inclined, Styles is a perfect match! The idea of Harry Styles starting a cosmetics and fragrance line has fans eagerly awaiting official confirmation.

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When Harry Styles takes a stage, everyone knows it. His presence is louder than life, and his style is always fresh, unique, and on-point. Fans would line up for a chance to be part of his cosmetics and fragrance line, if this new venture comes into fruition.

Here’s what we know so far…

Yahoo News reports that a fan page dedicated to all-things-Styles has recently posted a document which lists Harry Styles as “the director of a newly registered company which promises to offer fragrance and cosmetics.”

They go on to say; “The company, Pleased As Holdings, registered with the U.K. Company Directory back on May 25 and Styles fan account @theHarryNews shared paperwork online.”

At this point, there has been no official confirmation or announcement made by Harry Styles or his camp, but for the moment, the information collected leads to this being a credible source, which is enough to get fans all riled up and ready for more.

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As it stands, these documents declare Style’s personal assistant and the mother of his god-daughter, Emma Spring, as the company’s secondary director, which lends even more credibility to this paperwork. It seems that giving Emma a title would be a logical move for Styles to make.

As far as what the brand’s offerings would be, there are many guesses being presented. More than likely, there would be some form of nail color and nail art options for sale, as that tends to be Harry Styles’ go-to fashion move when it comes to his personal styling. There are suggestions that perhaps a colorful makeup palette would be designed, as well.

When Styles was with One Direction, they released their own fragrance, so his prior experience in that realm may lead to a quick turnaround of fragrance options for his fans to enjoy, as well.

Whatever the offerings may be, it seems they will be well received by eager fans.

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