Five decades in the making: Steve McCurry's stunning new photo book

A book five decades in the making: New title by legendary photographer Steve McCurry contains striking photos of children taken throughout his celebrated career

  • American photographer Steve McCurry has a new book out called Stories and Dreams: Portraits of Childhood
  • In Stories and Dreams, ‘he brings a unique selection of images of children from 46 countries’
  • Ziauddin Yousafzai, father of Malala, says in the introduction that his work is ‘profound and unforgettable’

American photographer Steve McCurry has produced a legendary body of work over the past five decades that includes truly mesmerising photographs of children.

And some of these striking pictures have been bound together in a new book – Stories and Dreams (Laurence King Publishing).

The publisher says: ‘Throughout his long career, McCurry has taken incredible photographs of children, each one managing to hint at an epic story.

‘In Stories and Dreams, he brings a unique selection of images of children from 46 countries, from Jaipur to Rome. The new contemplative and sensitive title features some previously unpublished images which span the length of McCurry’s storied career.’

In the introduction to the book, Ziauddin Yousafzai, father of Malala, explains why he thinks McCurry’s photos are so special. He writes: ‘Steve McCurry’s unforgettable images brilliantly capture [the] hearts, souls, and the humanity of children that extend to the far corners of our planet. His art becomes a sort of meditation which is profound and unforgettable.’

Scroll down to see ten of the arresting pictures featured in the new tome. 

A boy rests against a cow in Kathmandu, Nepal, in an image taken in 2013. Cows have been designated the national animal in Nepal. They roam freely, and are considered sacred by the 80 per cent of Nepalis who are Hindu

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A family rides a donkey in Maimana, Afghanistan, in a picture taken in 2003. McCurry explains that here the father is taking his children home from a trip to the market

Children play on a tank in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1982. McCurry says: ‘These tools of war became an improvised playground demonstrating the resilience of children. No matter how dire the situation, how dangerous the environment, children need to play. Whether it is splashing in puddles or climbing on abandoned tanks, their world of make-believe is almost as important as food and shelter’

Boys play on the Belo sur Mer beach in Morondava, Madagascar, in an image taken in 2019

LEFT: A little girl laughing at St. Paul’s Basilica in Rome in 1990. RIGHT: McCurry explains: ‘I photographed this boy flexing his muscles in the marble carving district of Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma), where he lived. Tens of thousands of statues are carved there every year.’ The image was taken in 2017

This image was taken in Germany, in 1990. McCurry reveals: ‘I spent three weeks with the Rabe family in Flechtingen, which was then East Germany. They gave me complete access to their lives. It was a great experience to get to know them’

This 2011 photo shows three young girls in Enna, Sicily, taking part in a Holy Week celebration

This image shows a father and daughter on Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir, in 1996. They’re on their way to a floating vegetable market. McCurry explains that thousands of people there use these canoe-like boats to go to and from their homes 

Children cross a  bridge in Mizoram, India, in a picture that McCurry took in 2006

Stories and Dreams: Portraits of Childhood by Steve McCurry is out now (£40, Laurence King Publishing)

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