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DISCOVERING your favourite snack has been taken off shelves can be genuinely disappointing.

This week it was revealed that soft drink Lilt has been pulled from UK shelves after 48 years.

Coca-Cola has revealed that the tangy drink will be replaced by a new type of Fanta.

It was first made available in 1975 with the strapline “The Totally Tropical Taste” and was only sold in the UK, Ireland, Gibraltar and the Seychelles.

But Lilt isn't the only fan favourite to disappear from shelves.

Over the years, products have come and gone leaving shoppers gutted.


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From Cadbury's Dream bars to Panda Pops, we reveal five nostalgic food treats that have disappeared from shelves over the years.

We won't know for sure if these loved snacks will ever bring back, but it's always worth keeping an eye out in your local supermarket.

Take a trip down memory lane of these discontinued snacks from years gone by.

Cadbury's Dream bar

The white chocolate version of Dairy Milk was launched in the UK in 2002.

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While it’s still available in Australia, it was discontinued here in 2019.

The fan favourite has returned to shelves just once since it was discontinued.

Bars of the chocolate were being sold in B&M in 2020 after being imported from Australia.

Wrigley’s extra thin ice sheets

Chewing gum company Wrigley’s sent fans wild with these melt-in-your-mouth thin sheets that gave you minty fresh breath.

But they just didn't stand the test of time – and they were eventually discontinued.

Diet Coke with lemon

Diet Coke with lemon was one of the brand's many variations on its classic drink.

It was launched in the early Noughties after research showed Coke drinkers liked to add a slice of lemon.

It was discontinued in the UK in 2006.

Echo Bar

Fox’s cream-filled Echo Bars were a lunch box staple in the while also making the perfect treat to dip into your cuppa.

They came in five different flavours – milk chocolate, mint, caramel crunch, orange and hazelnut.

Panda Pops

Panda Pops were fluorescent fizzy drinks loved by British children for their crazy colour and sugary taste.

They were the drink of choice at primary school discos for years.

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