Flowers to plant or sow in March – what you should be planting now

Monty Don confesses to not growing his own flowers

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Flowers blossom all year round, with different blooms every season. Many of the most stunning emerge during the warmer months, specifically around spring. Spring’s official start is March 1 and will mark the ideal time for some people to start sowing their seeds.

Which flowers should you plant and sow in March?

March marks a distinct climatic change around the world, with warmer days dominated by sunlight.

Meteorologists have made March 1 the official start of spring, and people will notice a variety of flowers in bloom.

Gardeners will have planted most of these in 2020, but some favour spring to kickstart their development.


Perennial flowers bloom year after year without dedicated replanting, as only their stems die out.

Dahlias are spring perennials that require planting in March to flower between August and October.

Gardeners will want to store them during the cold winter months, however.

Hardy annuals

Hardy annuals, unlike perennials, don’t require protection from the winter elements if planted in spring.

They include Godetia, Annual Chrysanthemums, Pot Marigolds and more, which gardeners must sow between late March and May.

Most hardy annuals should bloom by summer and attract wildlife such as birds, bees and butterflies.

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Fast-growing perennials

Fast-growing perennials fall between Dahlias and hardy annuals as well-rooted plants which quickly bloom.

People can plant flowers such as lupin or echinacea during spring in time for an early autumn bloom.

Gardeners will want to keep them under glass, however, as not all perennials can tolerate frost.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas are annuals people can sow at opposite ends of the year.

People can plant them either during autumn or early spring, meaning March.

They bloom with their distinctive fragrance within three months, between June and October.

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