Four methods to reverse signs of a ‘saggy creased neck’

A sagging or loose neck is a common concern for women as they get older. There have been huge advances in gravity-defying facial treatments and face creams that claim to turn back time, but the neck is often overlooked, becoming a giveaway of age. spoke exclusively to Dr Spiezia at Inlight Beauty about how to combat a “creased, saggy neck” and the brand’s new neck serum.

The neck and hands are the two areas that show signs of ageing the most. Dr Spiezia explained why this is: “Skin on the neck area is thinner than that on the face, with less sebum, collagen fibres and hypodermal fat.

“We tend to treat/take care of the face often neglecting the neck and décolleté.

“In the last few years, a new phenomenon has occurred called ‘tech-neck’. We spend hours on digital screens and mobiles, constantly bending our neck: this position strains the area, reducing blood and lymphatic flow and contributing to a quicker ageing process.”

The most common sign of ageing on the neck is the skin looking “creased, opaque, not elastic and saggy”.

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As for how someone can reduce signs of ageing on the neck, there are “different ways”, Dr Spiezia said.

“Some specific exercises such as tightening the platysma muscle (the muscle in the neck) several times a day to reinforce the area and push away local stagnant lymph and blood” can help, as well as “pushing the head forward and backwards to stretch the skin”.

“Eating fresh organic food rich in vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6. Take specific supplements to support the skin such as selenium zinc, copper, silica, vitamin C, vitamin D, etc).

“Massage the area to recall blood and to detox the underneath toxins, using specific skin care products rich in antioxidants and astringent,” the expert recommended.

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According to Yale Medicine, one way to prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing is to wear an SPF of 30 or higher daily.

Dr Spiezia shared her expert opinion on whether SPF is the best product to combat ageing: “Yes and no.

“It helps reduce the damage of UV rays, but without a specific holistic approach including food, yoga exercises, specific skin care products and supplements, it will be difficult to achieve a long-lasting good result.”

Dr Spiezia, the founder of Inlight has created a Neck Firming Serum to help women combat ageing.

She revealed the ingredients that help firm the skin on the neck: “Inlight Neck Firming Serum contains an array of ‘dry, organic oils’ highly anti-oxidant and quickly absorbed by the skin.

“These include Cacay and Rose Rubiginosa oil, with high content of vitamin E and retinol known for its ability to stimulate cell regeneration and collagen production; grape-seed oil, packed in proanthocyanidins shielding the skin against UV radiation.

“The formula also includes very powerful botanical extracts, both astringent and anti-oxidant such as the super-food Camu Camu, green coffee, green tea, cornflower and many others, including the Centella Asiatica to stimulate collagen production.”

As for how the serum should be used, she recommended incorporating it into “your daily skincare routine, once or twice daily”.

“Apply two to three pumps of product on clean skin: with the chin facing upwards, massage the serum in upwards motions (against gravity).”

To “achieve excellent results” Dr Spiezia suggests using a massage tool like “a Gua Sha stone with your serum”.

A Gua Sha stone, also known as a jade scrape, is a flat pebble of jade that can chisel out cheekbones, de-puff and increase skin brightness.

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