Freddie Mercury ‘USED Jim Hutton’ to make his first ‘husband’ jealous

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Everybody knows about Jim Hutton, the man Freddie spent his final years with, finding love and domestic contentment at his West Kensington mansion. The Irishman was depicted in the film Bohemian Rhapsody as a safe refuge for the Queen star after years of hedonism in Germany with duplicitous manager Paul Prenter. Except, Freddie was actually in a three-year relationship in Munich with a man he lived and travelled with, introduced to all his friends – including his bandmates and Mary – and often referred to as “my husband.” 

Winnie Kirchberger was a tall, strapping restauranteur who lived, loved and laughed with the star – they also famously fought often and loudly.

Freddie’s friend and PA Peter Freestone said: “It was the first time Freddie had ever lived with anyone else under a roof that wasn’t his own… he was happy with Winnie. He took a great delight in living with someone.”

Brian May later revealed that Freddie had written It’s A Hard Life for Winnie. They exchanged rings and the singer asked his lover to move back to London with him at the end of 1985.

Freddie had also started to see Jim by then, but even the Irishman admitted that he was probably being used to make Winnie jealous.

If you take a look at the pictures of Freddie with Jim and Winnie above, it is clear that he had a type.

The early 1980s were the heady time of mustachioed ‘macho’ men like Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck’s Magnum PI and the gay scene embraced the look.

Unlike the depiction of their relationship in the film, Jim was already seeing Freddie while the star was based in Germany and he would fly out to see him at weekends. He soon started to suspect there was something else going on.

Jim described the complicated three-way tug of love in his autobiography Mercury & Me.

It all built to a dramatic confrontation between Freddie, Winnie, and Jim at the Queen icon’s outrageous drag ball birthday.


Jim wrote: “I had the distinct impression that Freddie had another boyfriend in the city somewhere… I realised why Freddie probably wanted me there so desperately.

“I was just part of a game between lovers. He wanted to flaunt me so that his boyfriend would see or hear of me and be jealous…. Whenever Winnie appeared Freddie made a big fuss of me, while the German shot me piercing glances.

“Back home with Freddie that night I was tempted to tell him I wasn’t prepared to be a pawn in his game. But, as we got into bed, I decided to say nothing.”

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Hutton flew back to Munich the next weekend for more of the same.

He said: “When I got to the flat Freddie was waiting there to greet me. Then he slapped me in the eye; he said he was going to with Minnie out of Munich, up in the ‘Hills of Bavaria’ and off he went. He didn’t come home at all that night.

in the book, Hutton said he remained philosophical about the situation but hoped “the two of them were just tying up the loose ends of their failed love affair.”

On September 5, 1985, Freddie threw a lavish cross-dressing black and white ball for his birthday and presented one of his lovers with a spectacular jewelled ring.

Freddie gave Winnie a 20,000 euro ring at the party. He had also been trying to persuade the German to move to London, since the five years of renovations on One GardenLodge in Kensington were finally complete.

Winnie did not want to leave his city, his life, his father and their restaurant, Sebastainseck.

They argued at the party and Winnie reportedly threw thee ring on the ground.

When Freddie started a new life back in London, it was Jim who was by his side.

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