From Psycho to The Grudge: All the Horror Movies You Can Watch on Peacock

Get in the Halloween spirit with The Purge, Jigsaw, American Psycho and tons of other spooky films on Peacock.

There's nothing like curling up with some popcorn and putting on a good horror movie—spooky season or not—and now, you can do just that thanks to Peacock's generous offering of scary flicks.

The NBCUniversal streaming service is home to iconic classics and modern favorites alike, so there's truly something for every type of horror fan! From genre-definers such as Psycho and The Birds to the franchises that have practically created categories of their own like The Purge, you're sure to wind up streaming scary movies year-round.

Not sure where exactly to start? Don't worry—we've rounded up a list of every single horror movie available on Peacock.

Among the many offerings: Sinister, Vertigo, You're Next, The Grudge, American Psycho…the list goes on and on! Heck, you can even take a trip back to the 1930s with Frankenstein (and, of course, the equally fantastic Bride of Frankenstein and Son of Frankenstein!). 

The options are truly endless!

Keep scrolling to discover all of the horror movies available to stream on Peacock just in time for Halloween.

(E! and Peacock are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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A woman on the run stops at a 12-cabin motel with showers.

An American exchange student and her boyfriend encounter vengeful spirits that haunt a house in Tokyo.

Baron Frankenstein (Colin Clive) creates a monster (Boris Karloff) from cadavers and a killer's brain.

A man and his family struggle to survive the night when an intruder breaks into their home during a government-sanctioned event in which all criminal activity—including murder—is legal.

A San Francisco socialite follows a bachelor to Bodega Bay, where flocks of birds begin attacking the populace.

A man plays sadistic games of life and death; police soon find evidence that links the crimes to Jigsaw, the infamous killer who died 10 years earlier.

An Egyptian mummy searches Cairo for the girl he thinks is his long-lost princess.

A woman (Virginia Madsen) turns to a priest for help when her cancer-stricken son becomes increasingly disturbed by paranormal activity that seems to permeate their new home.

A real-estate man visits the Transylvania castle of a 500-year-old vampire.

A sadistic yuppie in 1980s New York submits to an uncontrollable bloodlust.

An Asian werewolf (Warner Oland) bites a botanist (Henry Hull) in Tibet and rivals him for the antidote in London.

A police detective (George C. Scott) investigates a series of slayings done in the style of an executed killer (Brad Dourif).

Baron Frankenstein creates a hissing, frizzy-haired female for his other monster.

A novelist and his family become the target of a supernatural entity when he uses found footage to unravel the murders of his home's previous occupants.

As a woman tries to reintroduce her lover's traumatized nieces to a normal life, disturbing questions and occurrences point to a supernatural presence.

A scientist learns that the invisibility serum he tested on himself cannot be reversed.

A former San Francisco detective with a fear of heights falls for the woman he is hired to protect.

A nurse, a policeman and other residents of Milwaukee fight flesh-eating zombies while trapped in a mall.

A spurned surgeon (Bela Lugosi) seeks revenge using Edgar Allan Poe's devices of torture and a hideous man (Boris Karloff).

A violent teen and three others kidnap a young nurse while escaping from a Texas psychiatric hospital; the murderous rampage that follows shapes him into a legendary killer known as Leatherface.

Bitten by a werewolf, an aristocrat grows fangs, fur and a muzzle, then begs his father for help.

The serum that makes a scientist invisible has an unexpected side effect.

During a night of government-sanctioned mayhem, a man's mission to avenge his son's death turns into a quest to protect a group of strangers from violent assailants.

An acid-scarred composer (Claude Rains) rises from the Paris sewers to boost his favorite opera understudy's (Susanna Foster) career.

The baron's son (Basil Rathbone) revives his father's monster (Boris Karloff) with help from a broken-necked shepherd called Ygor (Bela Lugosi).

Members of an estranged, upper-class family must pull together to repel masked home invaders who are trying to kill them.

Strange events plague a couple and their young daughter when they rent a secluded countryside house that has a dark past.

Prepare to get your spook on!

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