Gardening expert shares ‘best way’ to remove ‘well-established’ perennial weeds from paths

Gardeners’ World share tip for removing weeds from a path

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Weeds often make even the neatest garden paths look weathered and unkept. Often, gardeners will find themselves on their hands and knees trying to remove the weeds manually from pathways. However, an expert has suggested that there could be a way to “permanently” remove weeds from garden paths.

Gardening expert David Hurrion explained that weeds can quickly take root in paths, where they may seed and spread around the garden.

In a video for Gardeners’, David explained how to eradicate weeds from your paths.

He said: “The best way to reduce the problem is to remove weeds from the path and the neighbouring borders before they get chance to set seed.

“It’s also a good idea to sweep up any moss and soil that’s accumulated on the path where the seeds could germinate.

“And in this way, you will find that annual weeds such as chickweed and bittercress are easy to control with hand-weeding or perhaps hoeing – or if you really want to look like a superhero – with a flame gun weeder.

“Perennial weeds like dandelions and plantains are tougher, however, to eradicate.

“Once they become really well-established, the best way to treat them is to apply a systemic action weed killer to the leaves.

“That can be taken down into the plant to kill it at the roots.”

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Examples of a systemic action weed killer include Weedol Gun!™ Rootkill Plus™ and Job Done General Purpose Weedkiller.

Perennial weeds can live in a garden for several years by storing food in their roots over the winter months.

They can be difficult to dig out manually as their roots spread out underground.

If you dig out a perennial weed and leave a bit of root in the soil, it may end up resurfacing.

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Perennial weeds include brambles, dandelions, stinging nettles, docks and ragwort.

Horsetail, ground elder and bindweed are also perennial weeds that can be hard to remove.

Annual weeds include chickweed, crabgrass, knotweed and groundsel.

Annual weeds can appear in either the cooler seasons or warmer seasons.

They will eventually die away as the season progresses.

However, seeds can lie dormant in the soil until the conditions suit their needs.

Each gardener has a different method for removing weeds.

Some recommend using vinegar or bicarbonate of soda while others suggest using lemon juice or boiling water.

Chemical weed killers can spread to other parts of the garden and can harm your other plants.

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