Gemini traits: Is Gemini a water sign? Gemini positive and negative traits

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Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac, following Aries and Taurus. The sign’s season starts on May 21 and ends on June 21. Geminis tend to be interesting characters – Donald Trump, Marilyn Monroe, Helena Bonham-Carter, Naomi Campbell, Joan Collins, and Russell Brand are all Geminis. In general, Gemini is characterised by duality. talks you through Gemini’s key traits.

Is Gemini a water sign?

Gemini is not a water sign, it is an air sign, along with Aquarius and Libra.

These three signs are freedom-loving and independent. 

Air signs are all about communication, sharing their opinion, and informing others.

They have great social skills and are able to see things from everyone’s point of view rather than just their own.

Air signs tend to be courteous and concerned with humanity, justice and equality.

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Gemini positive traits


Gemini is a mutable sign which means they are flexible and adaptable. This sign loves diversity and trying new things.

Gemini is great at doing boring tasks because they will find a new and exciting way to do it each time.

They are experimental and easygoing, willing to go on adventures or change their schedule at the last minute.


Geminis love networking and meeting new people. They never like to feel lonely or excluded from a group of people.

However, Gemini tends to have lots of different friends rather than a solid group of best friends.

They like to remain uncommitted and partially aloof so they can juggle different friendship groups, moving in and out where they see fit.


Geminis are wordsmiths, they’re extremely clever and always getting involved in witty banter.

They love to read and get lost in stories, but they are also very analytical.

Don’t try to beat a Gemini in a debate, because you will lose!

Not only are they intelligent but they are interesting– they soak up knowledge like a sponge and will share fun facts with you at any opportunity.

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Gemini negative traits


Geminis love to gossip, and this can get them into trouble.

As much as sharing with others and being fascinated by stories and new information can be a great thing, it can be a negative when it is private.

As soon as Gemini hears something juicy, they have an urge to tell someone else immediately.

Gemini can easily drop their morals when it comes to gossip.


Like their fellow air sign Libra, Gemini can be very indecisive.

Sometings their intelligence means they overthink everything and struggle to make a decision.

They tend to me scared of commitment too, since they like knowing they can change their mind in a heartbeat.

This means Geminis tend to be flighty and try to avoid responsibility at all cost.


Gemini is often associated with butterflies and other flying insects because of their active nature.

You rarely see these creatures sitting still, and it’s the same for Gemini.

They like to be in the centre of what’s going on and hate missing out on any fun or jokes.

They hate being bored and this can make them quite superficial and unreliable.

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