Generous Cristiano Ronaldo helps out Danish underwear company as coronavirus hits sales of his CR7 pants – The Sun

CRISTIANO RONALDO has once again proved his generosity by helping out a Danish underwear company following an impact on sales due to the coronavirus.

The Juventus superstar, who was worth over £300million last year, waived the money he is entitled to from JBS, who manufacture his range of CR7 pants.

The clothing line is one of the Portugal captain's most lucrative endorsements and he regularly models his latest collections.

Ahead of the Champions League quarter-final clash against Ajax last year, he posed straddling two baths while wearing just a pair of pants.

But Ronaldo has proved he is continuing to spearhead the fight against the coronavirus pandemic after he teamed up with his agent to finance hospitals in Portugal.

His CR7 range accounts for a mighty 14 percent of JBS's revenue but the company's CEO revealed the footballer has been supplying them economically during the current crisis.

Fortunately, we are so privileged that it was us who started the CR7 brand, and we sit with Cristiano Ronaldo's very closest.

Michael Alstrup told Finans: "Ronaldo's people have said that because of the coronavirus this year, there will be no minimum payments at all.

"And Cristiano has even further helped us not to pay anything until 2021.

"Fortunately, it also shows that it is a collaboration,  even with such big stars, and that is nice.

"We are so privileged that it was us who started the CR7 brand, and we sit with Cristiano Ronaldo's very closest.

"We have been doing this since 2013 and they call us part of the family."

Alstrup also admitted sales of Ronaldo's underwear have taken a hit since the forward's move from Real Madrid to Juventus.

Italy have been one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus in Europe, and Italian outlet Yamamay has closed over 100 stories in the past two months.

He added: "Right now there should normally be the Champions League and everything possible where Ronaldo was also, and there are domestic Juventus matches in Italy and all the hype about it.

"And we have withheld all the goods we should have sent to them.

"They could use Cristiano Ronaldo as a front figure and get CR7 products, which of course escalates wildly in Italy."

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