‘Ghosts’ of Chris Watts’ murdered children ‘captured on police body cameras’

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Netflix documentary footage taken from police body cams could have captured the ghosts of Chris Watts' dead children the day after he killed his family.

The documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door details the brutal murder of Watts' pregnant wife and children.

Evil Watts killed his partner Shannan and their daughters Bella and Celeste Watts, before dumping the girls' bodies in oil tanks' so he could start a new life with his secret lover.

The show uses camera footage captured during the investigation into the brutal slayings of his family.

And TikTok users believe they've spotted something eerie in the footage.

In a series of videos, creator Nash Donnelly shared the moments he and many others believe are sightings of the ghosts of Chris Watts' children.

In one of the clips from when the police arrive at the house, a short figure can be seen walking down the stairs as Chris Watts lets them into the house.

In another, what appears to be a child's arm can be seen in the backroom as Chris is stood with Shannan's friends pretending like she has just gone missing and he has no idea where she is.

Nash explained: "Pay close attention to the left-hand side on the green wall. Everyone was saying that that little girl that you saw was the ghost of one of his daughters."

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In another clip, a white-ghostly figure can be seen walking down the stairs and later on in the show, a child's laugh is heard as police search the girls' rooms.

The series has over a million views, with users leaving comments such as: "I don't claim the negative energy from this video."

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Another user wrote: "In my country when you kill a mother and her unborn child, the unborn will haunt you forever to prove it is good and make apparitions to ask God to take it back."

The theory that the father was being haunted may actually be backed up, as in 2019, Chris Watts claimed he was visited by his dead daughter in his prison cell.

However, the killer seems unfazed by the visit as he told the publication he "hopes they all visit".

The 36-year-old is serving five life sentences after he killed his wife and kids in a bid to start a new life with a woman he was having an affair with.

He dumped his wife body in a ditch and hid the bodies of his daughters in nearby oil tanks in the early hours of August 13, 2018.

Watts escaped the death penalty after Shannan's parents said they couldn't choose to take life as he did.

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