Google Nest is changing …and there’s more than one advantage if you upgrade

Google is handing out free Google Nest smart speakers to select Google Home app users. The Californian company kickstarted the new promotion to highlight its new-and-improved Nest Aware subscription service, which brings a number of advanced features to Nest-branded cameras in your home.

Google used to charge for each camera in your system. However, the revamped subscription covers all of the cameras linked to your account for the same flat monthly fee.

Nest Aware is available in two subscription tiers: £5 a month includes 30-days of recordings – so you can check back on anything flagged as suspicious after the fact, and £10 a month. For that extra monthly cost, Google will double the deadline to 60-days and adds a 24/7 video history for 10 days, instead of only keeping movements flagged by Google’s AI systems.

If you’d rather not pay monthly, Nest Aware can be purchased for £50 a year for the entry-level plan – a saving of £10 on the monthly subscription, or £100 a year for the top-tier option – a saving of £20 compared to the month-by-month cost.

Adding this subscription service to any Nest cameras in your home will bring Intelligent alerts, which sends notifications to your smartphone, tablet or connected displays anytime one of your Nest cameras detect sounds or a person. You’ll also be able to designate important areas within the viewfinder of your cameras to get alerts when something happens there.

And finally, you’ll be able to create and share clips from your video history to friends or family, or the police.


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If you subscribe to Nest Aware at the moment – either the entry-level or top-tier option – Google will send out a Google Nest smart speaker to you for free. This will allow you to use voice commands to control certain aspects of your smart home set-up, including Nest Cameras, as well as any connected lightbulbs, central heating, or streaming dongles.

Squint down at the small print, Google says you’ll need to subscribe to ab annual subscription of the new Nest Aware between June 1 and September 30, 2020 at 11.59pm to be eligible for a free Google Nest smart speaker. You’ll receive an email with instructions for redeeming one free Nest Mini within three weeks of the subscription.

And you’re limited to two free devices per user, Google says.

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