Grandpa warms hearts by attempting to Photoshop family snap

Younger generations have been raised with social media and the internet – so understanding how technology works seems super easy.

But when it comes to those who are a bit older, doing the simplest of tasks online may prove difficult.

However, that does not mean that a pensioner will not at least give it a go.

Using photo editing tools may come as second nature to the youth of today – but this grandpa had no idea.

So instead of being defeated by his inability to use Photoshop, the OAP tried more creative measures instead.

In a TikTok clip posted to his granddaughter Dora’s account, the old bloke revealed his sweet photo edit.

Dora explained: “My grandpa can’t use Photoshop so he cut and manually changed the background of this pic.”

Heartwarmingly, the grandpa perfectly cut around a picture of his family, who were sitting at a table together, to remove the background.

In true genius, he stuck the side of the family snap to a picture of sunny blue sky with fields of green grass so he could flip the photo up and down.

Since being posted, the grandpa's efforts have racked up a huge 2.6 million views.

And of course, many people have been touched by the grandpa's efforts.

One person commented: “Stop that's so cute.”

Another user added: “I mean he did a good job.”

Whilst a third voiced: “Takes more talent and time than Photoshop to be honest.”

Someone else cheered: “That’s how it used to be done!! Genius king.”

And, a fifth noted: “This is precious.”

Good job, grandpa!

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