Greatest Google Maps fails, from fights in the street to kid trapped in bin

When that Google van comes around to document the streets for Maps Street View, many of us would jump at the chance to get a funny pose in.

There are many crazy sights spotted on the popular site that lets you go anywhere from behind your screen and some of them are just downright hilarious.

Whether they're perfectly posed or just happened at the right time, these are some of the most hilarious shots found on Google Maps:

A boy trapped in a bin

One eagle-eyed viewer spotted a child trapped in a park bin on a sunny day in Parc de Valency, Lausanne, Switzerland.

There appears to be a blurred head of a boy poking out from the opening of the rounded green-topped bin.

It isn't known how or why he climbed in there – or how long it took him to get back out but it sure made a hilarious shot for the camera.

Man chilling on the couch on the back of his truck

Along Ságvári Endre u. in Abaújszántó, Hungary, a man was spotted enjoying the sun surrounded by flowers – which doesn't sound weird at first.

However, he was perched on a red sofa on the back of his truck – which seems like as good a place as any to relax on a summer's day.

We hope you had a relaxing time, sir!

Man fighting a dog for his shirt

A man was mid-battle with a Staffordshire bull terrier after it had stolen his nice white shirt and was trying to pull it away.

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The defeated guy was caught topless and seemed to be stood in shock at the Google camera passing him down his street in Pennsylvania.

Still, for the poor bloke, this probably beats being caught with your pants down.

The high-kick street fight

A gathering on a street corner on C. de Manuela Malasaña in Madrid, Spain left more than 250k TikTok users wondering what was going on.

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In one shot the man is seen to be standing in a gathering of people like it was just an average day.

Then, as the Google van turns the corner, he's jumped into the air, looking like he's swinging for the man standing in front of him.

Commenters on the video shared by @googlemapsfun said "he's Spider-Man" or that he's "doing the Superman punch." Surely, no one wants to mess with this guy while he's making a jumping start.

Planking on a post box

We all remember the long-since-passed internet trend of 'planking' – the practice of lying face-down, flat on top of anything.

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Despite being seemingly aware of the Google camera, this guy keeps his eyes firmly glued downwards towards the green grass of his front lawn as he lays down on his mailbox.

The sight was spotted on Streetview of an unnamed culdesac in the US.

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