HBO Max Shares 'No Sudden Move' Trailer Starring Don Cheadle

HBO Max has unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming Steven Soderbergh-directed heist film No Sudden Move.

Soderbergh — the brain behind the original Oceans trilogy starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts — reunites with Don Cheadle, who previously starred in both Oceans and the director’s Out of Sight, on this latest project.

Taking place in Detroit in 1954, the plot focuses on a character played by Cheadle, who is hired to steal a simple document alongside a group of criminals. Cheadle’s character joins the small-timers’ “babysitting team,” who are in charge of watching the family of the man tasked with obtaining the papers, but after the mission goes horribly wrong, he and his accomplices become engulfed in a much larger mystery. Running from authorities, the group traverses Detroit on a hunt for the person who set them up for the strange robbery and the reasoning behind their involvement.

No Sudden Move employs an all-star ensemble cast that includes Benicio Del Toro, Jon Hamm, David Harbour, Brendan Fraser, Kieran Culkin, Amy Seimetz, Noah June, Julia Fox, Ray Liotta, Frankie Shaw, Bill Duke, and late actor-poet Craig “muMs” Grant.

The film is scheduled to make its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month, before landing on HBO Max on July 1.

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