Hear Mort Garson's Alternative Take of 'Ode to an African Violet' From 'Plantasia'

As Sacred Bones Records gears up to reissue four Mort Garson albums this fall, the label has shared “Ode to an African Violet,” an alternative take from 1976’s Mother Earth’s Plantasia.

Plantasia was an integral part of the plant music genre of the Seventies, made entirely on a Moog synthesizer with the intention of helping plants grow. As the title suggests, “Ode to an African Violet” is dedicated to the flowering plant, and if it’s possible to imagine, the alternative take is even more ambitious and zany than the album version — with loopy synths that echo a bird chaotically chirping.

The “Ode to an African Violet” take follows the previously released “This Is My Beloved” and “Dragonfly.” Those songs appear on Music From Patch Cord Productions, a collection of unreleased recordings from Garson’s archives that include music for never-aired radio advertisements, themes for science fiction films and more. “The compilation plays like an ultimate Mort Garson playlist,” the label said.

The other three Sacred Bones releases include the late Canadian composer’s Didn’t You Hear OST (1970), Lucifer’s Black Mass (1971) and Ataraxia’s The Unexplained (1975). An “audiophile version” of Plantasia is also available. Each release will arrive on November 6th; you can preorder them now.

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