Heinz creates a super tricky all-red 570-piece puzzle

Lockdown has given us a new appreciation for old-school activities.

Stuck indoors, we’ve developed a love for baking bread, reading books, and – of course – doing puzzles.

If you’ve already nailed all the puzzles you found at your local charity shop, don’t fear: there’s a new challenge ready for the taking.

Heinz has created an all-red (the colour of ketchup) 570-piece puzzle that looks fiendishly difficult.

Every piece is the same shade of ketchup-red and slot together to form one big rectangle of red, so it’ll be pretty fiddly to complete.

Sure, you can still use your usual edges-first technique, but then what?

The brand hosted a giveaway of 57 of these puzzles, which has since closed, but here’s hoping the demand for puzzles in lockdown will encourage them to sell these bad boys online.

If you’re wondering why a tomato ketchup brand would make a puzzle, there is a (slightly tenuous) link.

They say that the puzzle is slow going and takes time – just like the slow pour of ketchup out of a glass bottle. But presumably with less thudding on the bottom and shaking about.

If you’re after a similar challenge that’s even harder, Amazon is selling a 1,000-piece puzzle that’s all-white.

Kodak, meanwhile, has released a gigantic puzzle with 51,300 pieces.

A brief warning: if you’re a puzzle newbie, do start slow with a simpler design. Take it from someone who had a little cry after getting halfway through a 1,000-piece puzzle of The Great Wave and then giving up in rage.

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