Home Bargains superfan gets tribute to favourite shop permanently inked on body

Many of us love a bargain – and that can definitely be said for this Home Bargains superfan.

Alex, who loves the budget store, decided to get the logo permanently inked onto his skin.

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He messaged tattoo artist Emma eager to get a Home Bargains-themed design, which consists of the logo within a red heart.

Emma etched the illustration onto his ankle – and shared a snap of the unique tattoo on Instagram, where it quickly went viral.

People were quick to praise Alex's Home Bargains tattoo on the @flanderztattoo Instagram page.

"I don't have any tatts but if I was going to get one…this would be it," one said.

Another proposed: "We should do Aldi."

Even Home Bargains had something to say.

"LOVE THIS," the official Instagram account declared in the comments.

Alex is true to his word and even defended his choice of bargain shop, he voiced: "B&M can get in the bin, real ones know where it's at".

Artist Emma thanked Alex for allowing her to ink on the "sick Home Bargains appreciation tattoo".

The artist admitted that she wasn't surprised that Alex asked for the budget themed design.

"I wasn't surprised at all," Emma told The Mirror. "It's very him."

"He just loved Home Bargains. He is really passionate about it. It's his favourite shop."

The tattooist shared that she thinks that the design is "funny" and that inkings should be something to "smile" about.

She said that Alex sent her a message to ask about the Home Bargains tattoo and she was sold on it right away.

Emma explained: "He just sent me a message. 'Mate, Home Bargains Tattoo with a heart. I need it'.

"I was like 'Yes, iconic'."

But, the Home Bargains tattoo is not the only design that has caused a few giggles.

Emma shared that she's inked on a nod to the Manchester Arndale Centre for a keen shopper and a tram design for her public transportation loving mate.

"They are some of my favourite tattoos," she noted.


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