Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Friday, July 22

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Family life is tense due to disappointments that have hit some relatives harder than others. You can understand their disgruntlement but if someone can’t snap out of the dark mood they are in you will seek places where the atmosphere is lighter and more harmonious.


When you’re tired or stressed, your more stubborn side is more likely to be on show. With you being so wrapped up in private concerns and responsibilities, it will appear to some as if your communicative skills are lacking. It isn’t that you are deliberately ignoring people; you just have your focus elsewhere.


It will take tact and masses of patience, but an argument in the family can be avoided. Relationship resentments are starting to surface. These must be faced and you will understand that if someone is upset about something, you can’t ignore their feelings. A heart to heart talk is long overdue.


A young relative will need a small nudge in the right direction. They have a lot to think about and more than one offer makes this an exciting time for them, but making a wrong choice could push them a little off their chosen course. You may need to remind them of their original goal.


You’re tempted to leave some tasks for another day but failing to give important jobs the time they need will mean they won’t prosper. Even though some people don’t seem to appreciate all the work you have been doing, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on some jobs altogether.


Someone is starting to take your kindness for granted. A text message they send you sounds more like a command than a request, and because of this you will not drop what you are doing to help them out as they are expecting you to do.


Risky ventures attract but is it sensible to show your interest? Recognise a fly by night scheme for what it is. When it comes to new work offers and possible money-making ventures, be sensible. Someone in the family has some good news to share. This could call for a small celebration.


A change of scenery is what you need and not so much for health reasons. It is more to avoid someone you aren’t getting on very well with. You have been spending too much time with the same people and this is why some relationships are starting to get a bit stale.


A legal or financial matter will soon be coming to a head. Prepare yourself to have to give this your undivided attention. The sooner such affairs are dealt with efficiently, the fewer problems you are likely to encounter in time to come.


Important matters are discussed. Where you had expected everyone to support plans, there are some ideas that some people will have doubts about. They need to share their concerns rather than keep them to themselves and a compromise can be sought.


The absence of a senior colleague is no excuse to spend time twiddling your thumbs. There is work to be done and ignoring this will be regretted in a few days’ time when you look back and wish you had completed some chores while you had the chance.


You might admit you have been making excuses to avoid finishing a task you had grown bored with. This is starting to annoy a partner or senior colleague. It would be better to co-operate than to keep on insisting you do things our own way. A relationship will make no progress unless one of you changes.

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