Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Wednesday, May 17


You can’t spend your life worrying about what you have to do, should have done or whether other people are coping. Worrying keeps you from seeing the opportunities around you. Let go of your anxiety. Take each day as it comes.


You are more than capable of handling a tricky part of a work project. Someone will suggest taking over this work for you. They might think they will do a better job but it is this kind of attitude that will make you even more determined to prove you are just as good as them.


Trust your intuition when it comes to work and creative projects. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t at least give something a try. You may have to be willing to take a few risks if you are to have more success with a professional ambition. Don’t allow other more cautious souls to get in the way.


If you’re struggling, approach a professional for advice. It might be worth renegotiating a debt or money project on more favourable terms. There’s the odd twinge of frustration later when people interfere with your plans which had been to enjoy some peace and quiet.


Responsibilities will decrease. Your workload will be lessened thanks to the intervention of someone in a high place or it will at least become more interesting than it has been of late. A friend will ask for your opinion about something that could get another person into trouble. Keep your views to yourself.


If you’ve been thinking about it recently, this would be a good time to book a trip to visit friends or family abroad. You would also have a wonderful time journeying with a close friend. Travel might take you far from familiar places. Is it time to take a leap of faith?


It hurts you to have fallen out with someone you care for. It is time to patch up a bruised relationship. Are you willing to extend an olive branch? Be prepared for a few defensive comments but take these with a large dose of salt. You can make amends but be patient.


Someone has been encouraging you to network and this takes you into places you don’t normally frequent. You will feel out of place in a social event and might wish you had not been persuaded to go. Everyone seems to know each other well and you just can’t see yourself fitting in.


Push away despondent thoughts. Think of how to make things better for yourself in the future. If you need support from loved ones, they may not initially agree with your plans but you could have great fun persuading them around to your way of thinking.


If you expect to fail before you begin, you probably will. Stop fearing the worst and start believing in yourself. Are you single and hoping to find the partner of your dreams? Accept social invitations coming your way to boost your romantic prospects.


Catch up with your friends. Responsibilities are important but you can’t do everything on your own. Job matters need a firm approach or you could find yourself working overtime. Make it a priority to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Arrange a journey to visit relatives far away.


Although you believe your decisions are right and true it feels good to have a friend or business partner support you. The two of you share similar values and that’s why you will turn down an offer that in some way comprises your principles. The end of the day will mark the start of a new relationship if you are single.

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