Hotel employees reveal what really happens behind closed doors

Secrets of a concierge: Five-star hotel employees reveal what really happens behind closed doors – and why you should NEVER drink out of glasses or put your luggage on the bed

  • Hotel employees have revealed what really happens behind closed doors 
  • Many who worked in five-star luxury hotels shared their horror stories 
  • Stories included finding dead guests and why you should never drink from glass
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Staff members have lifted the lid on what really happens behind closed doors of the luxury five-star hotels they work for.

Thousands of employees who have worked in hotels around the world shared their horror stories – from dead guests found in beds to why guests should avoid drinking out of glasses in the room as a general rule. 

‘Never trust glass in rooms. Room attendants are so stretched thin on time that they will clean the glasses with the same rags they clean the bathroom, after all their goal is to make the room look clean,’ one employee said in a Reddit thread.

‘I worked in one of the top resorts in the world for years and there was over a year period that went by where we didn’t get a clean glass delivery. We didn’t have dishwashers in the room, so management was complicit.’

Staff members have lifted the lid on what really happens behind closed doors of the luxury five-star hotels they work for (stock image) 

Hotel employees share their craziest stories

‘Famous teen celebrity left a room full of needles and various drug paraphernalia behind for housekeeping to clean up.’

‘Largest checkout bill I’ve ever seen was roughly $2 million for guest who rented out an entire floor of suites for three weeks, promptly paid via wire transfer.’

‘Sheikh picked up a hooker in the bar, took her to his room. She roofied him and stole tens of thousands of dollars of cash, watches and valuables.’

‘A lot of lonely people go on vacation to end their life in a hotel room. Happens a lot but is never mentioned on the news.’

‘Never ever, I repeat, use a chocolate fountain from a hotel buffet. Picture this: A kid triple dipped strawberries into the chocolate, then some old rich lady just sneezed on it. And somebody else just dropped their snack into it. The best part? That chocolate gets strained and saved for the next week’s brunch. Chocolate is way too expensive to throw away.’

Another worker said he estimated about 40 per cent of the beds at the luxury hotel he worked at ‘had been died in’.

‘In some places there’s a reasonable chance somebody has died in your bed. Obviously it varies with the type of hotel and clientele, but some places you get deaths weekly – not that the hotel is unsafe but unfit old people,’ he said. 

The employee said the one thing he ‘never saw happen’ at his hotel was ‘maids stealing’ guests’ personal belongings.

‘Everyone always points at the maids when they lose stuff but we always found it. No way the maids are risking their jobs over your used iPad or mall jewellery. With tips they make pretty decent money,’ he said.

In another shocking revelation, he said bedbugs ‘happen in every hotel.’

‘You might be paying $5k a night but your luggage was in the hold with everyone else’s. If there’s only one or two bugs and none in the adjacent rooms… then you brought them in,’ he said.

To avoid bedbugs, one worker said you should never place your luggage on the bed.

‘When you arrive, keep lights off, put luggage in bathroom, and then at the head of the mattress peel back the sheets and mattress pad,’ he said. 

‘Bedbugs tend to congregate there, but scatter when there is light. If you find bedbugs, you can request another room.’

A hotel employee who worked at two upscale hotels said there was a ‘very strange expectation’ that female employees ‘moonlight as prostitutes’ after their shift ends.

‘I’ve had men just up front tell me that, like when I was a housekeeper. I also had businessmen dial the front desk and strongly allude to it, or expect me to come to their room when my shift is over. Like I’m one of the amenities,’ she said.

An Australian hotel worker said sex workers are among the ‘friendliest and best behaved visitors’ to the places he worked, as ‘were most of the guests who hired them’.

‘One of my favourite blokes was a regular business traveller,’ he said. 

‘He’d often come downstairs in the night to tell me he was expecting a ‘friend’ and ask me to buzz her through for him. He’d then shake my hand and leave a $50 in my palm. Top guy.’

Another employee said they never want their guests to know exactly who stayed in their room before them.

‘Housekeeping gets the brunt of it. I’ve seen them carry out bags of used sex toys, peel used condoms off of every surface, and scrub human s*** off places there’s no reason for human s*** to be,’ they said.

‘The worst, though, was the couple that wanted a home birth but not, you know, at home (because gross). We had to deal with that hazmat situation. F***ed them as hard as we could with penalties and fees, though.’

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