How Kellyanne Conway May Have Achieved Her ‘More Youthful Look’ Amid Plastic Surgery Rumors – Doctor Explains

HollywoodLife spoke with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon after speculation that Kellyanne Conway may have had work done following a Fox News appearance on June 15.

After Kellyanne Conway made a Fox News appearance on June 15, it wasn’t her discussion on the upcoming GOP legislation on police reform that had people talking. Rather, the 53-year-old’s seemingly new look had several taking to Twitter to speculate that Kellyanne, who works as a counselor to the president in Donald Trump’s administration, might have had some work done. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Dr. Daniel Barrett, Beverly Hills board-certified plastic surgeon to the stars, and asked him to weigh in on her refreshed appearance.

“I can safely say on this she’s had a facial resurfacing procedure such as a C02 laser,” Dr. Barrett said. “Facial resurfacing with a C02 fractionated laser penetrates the deep dermal layers to create trauma which in turn, create collagen production! This helps with overall skin texture and tone. The healing response minimizes pores and ultimately resurfaces the skin.”

“It also appears she’s had considerable hyaluronic acid fillers and/or facial fat grafting. That lifts the face and fills in volume,” he continued. Dr. Barrett explained, “Hyaluronic acid fillers add volume by injecting them directly to the areas of concern. For example, the nasal labial folds or ‘smile lines’ can become deep as we age. This filling substance restores volume. Essentially you’re restoring the look of more ‘fat’ to the face. When we age, volume is lost and sits lower on the face. By restoring it higher up on the face we achieve an overall more youthful look.”

“[Kellyanne] looks great, everything looks very naturally done,” Dr. Barrett added. “She may have even undergone a facelift which would help the lines around the mouth and create an overall lifted appearance.”

Rumors sparked after Kellyanne’s interview and although she was wearing more makeup than usual, people noticed her face appeared to be smoother. “Honestly, shout out to the doc that did Kellyanne Conway’s Botox and/or filler,” someone tweeted. “They did the Lord’s work and the did it well!”


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