How often should you change your bedsheets? The mental health benefits

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Bedroom cleaning and other associated chores are some people often prefer to miss. They spend most of their time in the room unconscious, leaving it as an afterthought, but giving them proper attention can have many real-world benefits.

How often should you change your bedsheets?

Although people spend 90 percent of their time sleeping in a bedroom, their presentation can have a knock-on effect on their mental health.

Changing the bedsheets is a vital aspect of this, as they ultimately enhance the comfort of a bed and contribute to people’s hygiene.

Experts explained how vital it is for people to give their beds some additional attention.

Speaking to, Robert Lancaster-Gaye, co-founder of bed linen suppliers Tielle Love Luxury, outlined the ways people can improve their bedrooms.

He said: “The bedroom needs to be a place you can retreat to and find your inner calm.

“To create a room that helps you enjoy the best night’s sleep, take a look at your space.

“Is it noisy? What’s the air quality like? Is there clutter and dust in every corner?”

“Do you get hot and sweaty or shiver like a leaf all night?

“Sometimes, it’s the simplest lifestyle adjustments that have the biggest impact on our life and wellbeing.”

Mr Lancaster-Gaye split bedroom care into daily and weekly duties.

He said people benefit from “fresh smelling” sheets, which extend pillow and mattress life.

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He added: “By getting into the habit of making it each day, this can give you a sense of achievement.

“Clean, fresh-smelling sheets are a treat to relax the senses. But they’re also vital to our health.

“During sleep, we perspire, and body oils seep into our bedding.

“Change your linen once a week to keep sheets fresh and use protectors to extend the life of your mattress and pillows.”

People should also clear the area surrounding their beds as well.

The ideal bedroom would include clean sheets, healthy mattresses and pillows, and a “clutter-free zone”.

Mr Lancaster-Gaye said: “Gather all of the misplaced items on the top of your dresser or bed and put them in their correct place.

“Work towards creating a clutter-free sleep zone by identifying the old and unnecessary in wardrobes and drawers and keeping only your most beautiful linen.”

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