How royals have perfected the art of taking pictures at engagements

Strike a regal pose! How royals have perfected the art of taking pictures at engagements with these 5 easy tricks

  • Royals across Europe all have adopted seamless tricks to look their best in snaps 
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Royal women are among the most photographed people in the world – and a body language expert has now revealed they often have a number of tricks in order to pose for pictures at engagements. 

Earlier this week, it was revealed on social media how the Princess of Wales, 41, relies on a shuffling trick to get closer to the people in pictures without anyone noticing. 

In a video posted to Twitter, Kate could be seen subtly repositioning herself as she works out the perfect position for a photo with Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, 51, and Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, 83. 

The meeting took place at Christian IX’s Palace in Denmark in February 2022, and shows Kate taking a sidestep to her right, and then swinging her heels in the same direction followed by her toes in a barely perceptible movement. 

However she’s far from the only royal who employs this kind of technique to make sure they look poised and pristine in photographs. 

Royal women are among the most photographed people in the world – and a body language expert has now revealed they often have a number of tricks in order to pose for pictures at engagements  

Body language expert Judi James told FEMAIL how to be a hit in front of the camera, sharing five different poses which royal women tend to adopt to hit the right note in photographs.

While Kate subtly shuffle into place, the ever so stylish Queen Letizia of Spain, 50, has found the perfect pose to showcase her toned physique during engagement. 

And elegant Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, 51, uses a pivoting trick to make sure that her best-side is always on show for the camera. 

Here FEMAIL breaks down these royally approved poses… 


Europeans have perfected poses they can rely on during engagements to always look good on camera. Pictured: Princess Sofia of Sweden, 38, pictured last November doing the ‘ballerina’ pose

The Princess of Wales is another royal who can often be seen posing with her arms in front of her figure 

Meanwhile the Duchess of Edinburgh has also been snapped in the Ballerina Pose, with her hands in front of her torso 

One of the pose all royals gravitate to is holding their arms in front of them, much like ballerinas. 

This pose is a bit more interesting than standing with each arms on their side of the body. 

Judi said the pose highlights the royals’ fluid body lines ,’creating a pleasing S-shape that is almost swan-like,’ especially as performed by Princess Sofia of Sweden, 38, where she arches her neckline and back and tilts her pelvis to the back. 

‘Almost ballet-like in terms of a pose, it is elegant but without looking haughty,’ the body language expert said. 

The poses sees the women keeping their hands clasped in ‘a fig-leaf position with the fingers pointing elegantly downward,’ Judi said, adding: ‘this low clasp gives and elongated look to the neck and torso. ‘

Some royals perform the pose by holding their hands, while other will clasp their hands on their bags if they have one.

This also means it can be a good way for the stylish royals to bring their choice of accessories to light without being too obvious. 

‘The bag is subtly ‘hidden’ behind their hands to allow only a glimpse of the clever co-ordination of accessories,’ Judi said.

Despite this, Judi said the pose, which keeps the body lines fluid, keeps the attention on her face while looking keen and excited to meet her guests.

Other royals to have performed this pose include the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Edinburgh.  


Queen Letizia of Spain likes to showcase her toned physique and perfect posture with this hand clasp pose. Pictured earlier this month

The Princess of Wales and Duchess of Edinburgh have also both been snapped with their hands in the pose 

Like the ballerina pose, the clasping of fingers provides the royal with something to do with their hands.

However, according to Judi, it’s also a more dynamic pose because it brings the attention to the royal’s posture and bust, and embodying her self-confidence. 

The body language expert explained: ‘This pose suggests charismatic confidence, power and status as well as intellect.’

Meanwhile she said the pose has been perfected by none other than Queen Letizia of Spain.

Judi revealed: ‘With her hands clasped at lower rib level to suggest authority, she also signals the traits of an enquiring mind and a desire to get involved in debate or conversation that she must have excelled at during her time as a journalist and news anchor,’ Judi said. 

‘Letizia’s hand clasp also allows her to adopt the powerful “upturned-V” gap under the armpits. 

‘This small gap is a sign of confidence and would make her a high-impact speaker.

‘Her body is drawn upward by her stretched neck and raised head. 

The body language expert added that the pose is very flattering because: ‘combined with lowered shoulders, it firms the features and slims the upper torso and narrows the waist.’


The move shows compassion without requirement too much movement and doesn’t compromise the royal’s posture. Left: Kate Middleton earlier this month. Right: the move is also a hit with Queen Maxima of the Netherlands 

Meanwhile Sophie has also been photographed perfecting the pose during royal engagements over the years 

Royals often connect with members of the public during engagements – and they often have to lend an attentive ear to the people they meet with. 

But unlike a normal meeting, these events usually take place in front of the cameras, and everyone has to make sure they are on their best behaviours in front of the lens. 

The Princess of Wales has found a great trick to show that she cares about the people she is speaking to without compromising her posture. 

The mother-of-three can often be seen tilting her head to the side as she speaks with members of the public. 

Judi signalled the pose could also be a way for Kate to make herself more approachable to members of the public. 

‘Her height and catwalk figure could be imposing on visits and the head-tilt creates a softer look that would make her appear approachable and “real” and make people feel they can open up to her,’ the body language expert said. 

‘Royals can tend to be breezy and time-poor on visits but this pose would help give the impression of being calm, interested and unhurried.’

Judi explained that Kate’s pose is flattering because tilting the head to one side softens the expression, flattering your features.

Meanwhile she said holding your head straight might make you look tense, or like you’re falling downward. 

‘It is an important gesture when you’re flirting but it can look warm and welcoming in any transaction,’ Judi added. 


Crown Princess Mary of Denmark likes to place one foot in front of the other in order to show off her best side. Pictured in Italy earlier this month 

It’s a pose which Meghan Markle (left) and Princess Beatrice (right) have also perfected over the years 

Queen Mathilde of Belgium is also an adept of the tried and tested method. Pictured with King Philippe in 2019

Seasoned royals know which poses they can adopt to seamlessly work the camera. 

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark 51, and others will pivot by putting one leg slightly in front of the other, to arch their most advantageous side towards the camera. 

The pose requires little work, but is more dynamic than standing straight and is ‘traditionally regal, […] although it draws heavily on a beauty queen pose’, Judi said. 

Speaking of Mary’s pose, the body language expert noted that the mother-of-two looks ‘beautifully upright, like a woman who has never slouched in her life. 

‘Her posture is perfect but without any sense of rigidity and her arms hang at her sides elegantly rather than awkwardly. 

‘Her straight spine and perfect shoulder position makes a feature of her cleavage and breasts, which she part-reveals with the low V-neckline but also part-covers with her jacket,’ she added. 

Judi noted how Mary’s pose is ‘typical pageant queen,’ and ‘flatters the shape of the body and the legs.’

And she added that the pose looks good thanks to how symmetrical it is.  

‘Even her smile is perfectly symmetric, which can create a sense of beauty even when the features aren’t classically beautiful,’ Judi said. 


Princess Charlene of Monaco tends to stand still and emotes from the hand by arching her neck, Judi said. Pictured last November 

By arching her neck, a royal is able to bring the attention to her facial expression rather than her body (left, Sophie doing the pose, and right, Charlene) 

Not that the former Olympic swimmer would need help looking good, but Charlene of Monaco has also relied on a trick to stand out in pictures.

The mother-of-two, 45, arches her neck to the side in official picture to showcase the angular features of her face. 

The move makes her neck look elongated, which works wonders for her posture, as it allows her to look taller. 

‘Tall and with a broad-shouldered, exquisitely athletic body shape, Charlene tends to create the most dramatic presence of the royals with what looks like very little movement or effort,’ Judi said. 

When the mother-of-two poses, Judi noted, she keeps things minimal.  

‘She tends to stand square-on to the camera or to guests, often with her arms hanging down at her sides,’ the body language expert said. 

But this lack of movement does not mean that Charlene is unable to convey emotion in pictures.  

‘While her body keeps straight she will tend to confine movement to her head and neck, twisting her head from side to side which, with her cropped hairstyle and her expressive eyes, allows her to radiate emotion like a lighthouse,’ she added. 

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