How to clean a shower curtain – and when to replace it

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Shower curtains are exposed to a lot of water and soap suds. They need regular cleaning to maintain cleanliness and keep your bathroom looking clean. Over time shower curtains become dirty and unsanitary due to mould, mildew and soap scum. Most curtains can be machine-washed, but you can also hand wash them.

How to clean a shower curtain

A dirty or old shower curtain can be unsightly in your bathroom.

However, they do not need to be replaced – there are many ways in which you can clean them thoroughly.

Cleaning your shower curtain effectively will help you save money and time.

The first step in cleaning your shower curtain is to remove it from the rings of your rail.

Put this curtain into your washing machine on a warm water setting and add some detergent and white vinegar.

Activate the washing machine using a gentle setting.

Once the cycle has finished, simply hang up your shower curtain to allow it to air dry.

Plastic shower curtains can also often be put into your washing machine.

But you should make sure to wash them on a cool setting and add a bath towel or two to the load.

Never tumble dry your shower curtain, especially those with plastic.

You can add some colour-safe bleach, detergent, white vinegar and baking soda to your load to make sure the curtain is extra clean.

However, take care not to mix these cleaning agents, because they can react with one another.

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If you prefer to hand wash your shower curtain, simply sprinkle baking soda onto a dampened microfiber cloth.

Then scrub down the entirety of your shower curtain, lightly at first, leaving highly stained areas alone for now.

Rinse the shower curtain with warm water to remove all traces of baking soda and then get a clean cloth.

For any remaining stains, sprinkle baking soda directly onto your cloth and then scrub at the stain with soap and baking soda.

Rinse the shower curtain off once again and then replace it on your hooks.

Tips to remember when cleaning your shower curtain

After every use ensure that your shower curtain is left open to air so that mould and mildew is not given the chance to form in any crumpled up sections that remain damp.

Regular cleaning of your shower curtain will also help to prevent mould and mildew from building up and will ensure that the task is less of a chore in the long-run

Read the care label before you begin washing the curtain.

When should you replace your shower curtain?

There is no hard and fast rule as to when you should replace your shower curtain.

However, if you are unable to shift the grime and stains, you should think about getting a new shower curtain.

Shower curtain liners often need to be replaced at six-month intervals at the most if your bathroom is stuffy and humid.

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