How to make Moon water: Catch the Strawberry Moons essence tonight in Full Moon ritual

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Full Moons can be a very intense time for your horoscope as the various threads in your life come to a culminating point. Seeds planted during the New Moon are about to give fruit and there is uncertainty about what happens next. The Moon looks deep inside of you and rules over your emotions, your dreams and your desires.

Tonight, the Full Moon finds itself in the sign of Capricorn and faces the Cancer Moon head-on.

Together, the celestial duo highlights your home life and your relationships.

Your emotional intuition feels heightened and you find it easier to deal with the challenges that strike closest to your heart.

But all of this can at times feel a little overwhelming and without a little bit of spiritual guidance you might end up feeling lost.

What is Moon water?

When the Moon’s spiritual energies are heightened during a New Moon or Full Moon, many people perform a simple ritual to bottle its energies.

Moon water, simply put, is water that has been allowed to soak up and charge up on the Moon’s powers.

Wicca and pagan practitioners, for instance, perform a Moon water ritual to cleanse and charge their tools and instruments.

Others may prepare a batch of Moon water for its supposed healing and wellness properties.

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How to make Moon water under the Full Moon tonight?

Preparing a batch of Moon water is fairly simple and many stand by the benefits it will provide.

Moon water can be bought or made at home, and if you chose the latter, chances are you can do so with a few items lying around the house.

YouTuber Hearth Witch explained: “It’s probably one of the items that a lot of beginners make first.

“It’s easy, it’s useful, there’s lots and lots of different ways you can use it, so it makes it a really good craft that you can do by yourself, with your family, with your coven, with your children, whatever it may be.

“It’s a really great, simple and useful thing that you can make.”


Storage container of your choice: A glass jar, glass bottle or something of the sort.

Water: Fresh rainwater or spring water work best for this purpose.


1. Prepare the container of your choice by making sure it’s clean and ready to be filled with water.

2. Find the right spot in your home or nearby outdoors where it will sit directly in the light of the Full Moon.

3. Although not necessary, some people surround their containers with various crystals to amplify the lunar energies flowing into the water.

4. Once you pick the perfect spot and fill the container with water, leave it overnight and allow the Moon to do its work.

5. The following morning simply retrieve the container and your Moon water should be ready to go.

Some people choose to include a number of different herbs in their Moon water, such as lavender and rosemary for the added benefits they hold.

Rosemary, for instance, is said to add a layer of protection to the Moon water’s powers.

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