HUMAN MADE's New Trucker and Bucket Hats Will Bring You Back to the '00s

HUMAN MADE‘s has unveiled a new set of trucker and bucket hats that reminisces over the Pharrell and Nigo-era.

The first piece comes in three distinctive colorways of blue, brown and yellow, each emblazoned with a small embroidery. HUMAN MADE’s heart logo appears on the bottom-left corner of the yellow hat. A small duck motif is seen on the brown hat and the blue hat features a polar bear. All three caps feature a crisp white front panel and brim.

In contrast to the minimal trucker caps, the bucket hats sport a much bolder design: duck camo in brown and light olive. Both camo prints boast round, abstract shapes that resemble footprints and hearts. Both hats come with silver-toned “HUMAN MADE”-branded buttons as finishing touches.

HUMAN MADE’s new trucker and bucket hats are currently available on the label’s website for ¥5,280 JPY and ¥8,580 JPY (approximately $48 USD and $78 USD), respectively.

In case you missed it, here’s a look at HUMAN MADE’s new ’50s-inspired Hot Dog rug.
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