I booked fancy restaurant but got catfished when I arrived at trailer park

A woman claimed she was "catfished" by a restaurant after realising it was not as fancy as it loked on the website.

TikToker Syd and her friend made a reservation to a restaurant in Western Massachusetts, which offered a river view and quality good.

But she was gobsmacked when arriving at the location.

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She made a video on TikTok, saying: "You know how people get mad about being catfished on dating apps?

"This restaurant just catfished me and my friend!

"I double-checked the website and it looked so fancy, it requires a reservation and a chowder is like $18 (£15).

"And we are in a trailer park!

"It is gravel in the parking lot and there is no sign and these are people's homes!"

Syd said she had no hate against trailer parks but what she saw at the location looked nothing like what was on the website.

"Their website is a tad misleading – look at this entrance, it's by some concert and you can have a concert in addition to your soup," she explained.

By the reception area, she found random pull-up promotion posters in the room and one model figure of an old man in cow boy outfit playing a violin.

"What on Earth is that?" she added.

But in a follow-up video, she stood corrected and said "the view is 10 out of 10" and the food is "bomb".

Fans jumped on the comments and said Syd "spoke too soon".

"It's the person who lied about their looks but their personality makes up for it," one wrote.

Another shared: "Usually if a restaurant is in a weird spot but busy, it's gonna be fantastic."

"Don't judget a book by its cover! No catfishing here unless it's in the lake," a third added.

Syd was overwhelmed by the food and said she will 100% be returning for a second visit.


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