I love my boyfriend but after three years he still can't make me orgasm

DEAR DEIDRE: EVEN after three years together, I’m really attracted to my boyfriend – so why can’t I orgasm with him?

He is 25, good-looking and fun. I’m 23 and I’ve never had an orgasm.

I had a couple of flings before I met my boyfriend but nothing serious, and I lost my virginity with him.

The closest I’ve got to orgasming is when I’ve masturbated.

I get little mini rises of pleasure but never the big rush of excitement.

Sex with my boyfriend is good but I just lie there ­waiting for something to feel right. I lie to him that I’ve orgasmed.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Faking is a trap because it means you won’t explore together what works best for you.

Women’s orgasms vary and few experience a whirlwind every time.

Keep exploring your own body. The more you understand, the better you will be able to direct him.

Once you stop watching your reactions so closely, your responsiveness will build.

My support pack on Orgasm For Women will help you both.

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