I made egg ornament out of customers semen – he wanted something to show off

An artist has left fans baffled after using a bloke's semen sample to make an egg ornament he can show off to his pals.

Amanda Booth runs famous brand Jizzy Jewellery, where she dries out semen, turns it into powder and then mixes it with clay to create "pearls".

The 33-year-old sells her pieces for between £66-£180 ($110-$300 CAD) with samples from across the world and is estimated to make over £241,000 a year on her business venture.

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But her it isn't just strictly jewellery, having recently shared a clip of her making her "biggest piece yet" for a customer who wanted something to show off.

In the video, which has gained more than 930,000 likes, Amanda asked her fans if they had ever seen an egg made from someone's semen before proceeding to make one.

She added: "My client sent in his sample and we processed it into a powder, and there we mixed the powder into translucent clay.

"This, by far, has been the largest batch of jizzy clay that I've had to make.

"My client just wanted a simple showpiece for himself to put up on his shelf.

"He wanted an egg, um, about the size of a large chicken egg."

She created a core for the egg out of modelling clay before encasing it in semen clay and covering it in gold and silver flakes for "a look of elegance".

TikTok viewers were left baffled by the clip and couldn't imagine going to someone's house to find an ornament made from someone's bodily fluids.

One user quipped: "I'm sorry, could you imagine going to this guy's house and him saying 'do you want to see my jizzy egg'?"

Another wrote: "'Have you ever seen a Jizzy egg?' What an opening line."

A third joked: "Yes, I've seen one. He's 14 now."

But it's not just just semen that can be used to make the items, as Hannah started out by making trinkets from breastmilk and ashes.

Jizzy Jewellery was launched back in August 2022 and since then business has boomed with the artist now working at it full time with her husband Jesse, 41.

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Last year, she told the Daily Star that she's selling as many as 40 Jizzy Jewellery pearls a week.

Her brand says they make ideal presents for "marking your fertility journey, getting a vasectomy gift, surprising your partner or just want to be that much closer".

The brand added: "We love being inclusive… so both male and female jizz can be used!"


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