I made Ross Geller’s turkey sandwich using the official ‘Friends’ recipe, and I now understand why he was so angry when his boss ate it

  • The leftover turkey sandwich Monica Geller made for Ross on "Friends" is one of the most famous foods in the whole sitcom.
  • A soon to be released official cookbook includes the recipe for the famous sandwich, the Moist Maker, so I tried it out.
  • I now completely understand Ross' anger upon discovering not only did his boss eat his sandwich, but he threw some of it away.
  • It was an exceptionally good sandwich.
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Along with Rachel Green's meat trifle, the Moist Maker is one of the most iconic foods from beloved sitcom "Friends."

So great is the leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich, made by Monica Geller for her brother Ross, that he said it was the only good thing going on in his life.

And having now made and eaten my own version of the sandwich, I can completely understand Ross' rage upon discovering that not only did his boss eat his sandwich, but he threw some of it away.

An official "Friends" cookbook full of recipes both from and inspired by the hit series is set to be published on September 22, but I decided to try my hand at some of the recipes in advance.

And the Moist Maker sandwich, with its extra slice of gravy-soaked bread in the middle, was even tastier than I'd expected.

Essentially, it's a Christmas dinner leftovers sandwich. They're are a big deal here in the UK, available in every cafe and food store from November, and I love them. I'd actually never made my own though — but I certainly will be making the Moist Maker again.

The first step is to spread an optional layer of mayonnaise over your first slice of bread. As far as I'm concerned, mayo is not optional, so on it went.

Next up, romaine lettuce.

Then turkey — I didn't have leftovers so just used store-bought.

This was topped with a layer of stuffing which was not homemade but previously cooked (it looks like a paltry layer, but I was conscious of how big this sandwich was going to get).

Then it was time for the key ingredient: the slice of gravy-soaked bread. The cold gravy was pretty gloopy, but I didn't hold back.

On it went.

After more lettuce and turkey, I added a layer of cranberry sauce (the book has a recipe for Chandberry sauce, but I did not make my own) and more stuffing.

And it was complete!

It was one big sandwich, but I was determined to do better than Ross' boss and eat the whole thing.

I cut the sandwich in half and had to admit, all the layers looked pretty good.

And it tasted even better. All the different textures and flavors complement each other really well, and the sweet cranberry sauce elevated the whole thing. The Moist Maker certainly did its job: the sandwich was anything but dry.

It was messy to eat, but incredibly delicious.

Despite it being twice the size of my normal lunchtime sandwiches, I polished off the lot with no problems whatsoever.

The Moist Maker was never not going to be delicious though: There's a reason all those ingredients are served together at Christmas and Thanksgiving, after all.

Making the sandwich also reminded me how truly excellent stuffing is, and I think I may make it more of an everyday sandwich ingredient going forward.

As for the gravy-soaked bread layer, Monica certainly knew what she was doing.

If someone had eaten MY SANDWICH, I'd have been fuming too.

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