I pay for everything while my daughter tries to become an 'influencer'

DEAR DEIDRE: MY adult daughter is fully reliant on me. She’s 29 and I’m her 69-year-old dad.

She moved to Manchester after graduating from university, thinking she could make it as an “influencer”.

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I bought her a flat, as it made more sense than renting. The deal was she would cover the monthly mortgage payments.

But it took her a while to start making any money online – and when she did, it was pennies.

I’ve been paying for everything. I send her £1,000 a month to cover the flat, her bills and her food.

She refuses to get even a part-time job because it would distract her from “making content”.

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This can’t go on. My pension is getting smaller and smaller by the day.

How can I get her to take some responsibility?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Your daughter is lucky to have such a supportive dad. But it is time she learned the real worth of money and how to manage it.

In a calm moment, explain to her how this is affecting your plans. That might give her the push she needs.

Insist she starts contributing. Explain that does mean getting a part-time job to help pay her costs.

You can’t be her meal ticket forever and she will still have time to work on her passion.


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I am sending you my pack Help For Job Hunters, which she may find useful.

Work together on a budget and repayment plan for the money she owes you. This will help you both feel reassured and more in control.

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