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FOR parents, moments when you can't find you child can be terrifying.

You might be overtaken by panic and be unsure of what to do or where to look first.

Paramedics have now shared the three spots it's time-critical to look first.

"The longer your child is left there, the higher the risk of something potentially dangerous happening to them,"the first aiders from Tiny Hearts Education Instagram wrote next to a clip they shared.

The are the spaces you need to check first if you don't know where your kid is:

1. In the car

One of the first places you should go to is your car, the first aiders said.

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This is because the temperature in cars can rise quickly and children left in cars can overheat.

2. Bodies of water

"Think bathtubs, kiddie pools, and buckets," the paramedics wrote.

There doesn't have to be lots of water like a pool or the sea for your child to be at risk.

"All it takes is a few centimetres of water and 20 seconds for children to drown," Tiny Hearts Education warned.

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Paediatric nurse and expert Sarah Hunstead  from CPR Kids previously said washing machines were another place to dash to, as well as toilets or bird baths.

3. Nearby roads

Finally, it's imperative that you check if your little one has wandered off onto a road.

According to the paramedics: "Drivers in cars may not always be able to see your child, especially if they are small."

Meanwhile, a mum revealed a must-know hack which could help you find kids quicker if they wander off in a busy place.

And one of the two first aiders behind Tiny Hearts Education, Nikki Jurcutz, previously shared the deadly mistake parents made when performing first aid on their children.

She also revealed the best ways to reduce your child's risk of choking.

These include banning eating in the car, making sure your child doesn't consume risky foods such as whole nuts and popcorn, and sitting with your child while they eat.

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