I'm sick of my husband putting me down but I can't leave him

DEAR DEIDRE: WHETHER it’s choosing a new sofa or picking the names for our children, my husband doesn’t respect my opinion.

His choices are always better. We argue over everything but I’ve just about had enough of him putting me down.

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He always refers to his family for the final say.

I am 34, while my husband is 36. We have been married for ten years and have two great boys together, aged eight and six.

My husband once told me I didn’t have enough knowledge when it came to buying things and that I make bad choices.

I’d like to leave but am stuck for financial reasons.

DEIDRE SAYS: Being humiliated by the person who is supposed to love you and support you is not OK. It is emotionally abusive. Your relationship will only improve when he puts you as a couple first.

Explain to him you are no longer prepared to be treated like this. Your thoughts and decisions are no longer up for public debate.

Be crystal-clear his rudeness and humiliating behaviour must stop or you will seek to end the marriage.

That might give him the jolt he needs to change his behaviour.

My support pack on Abusive Partners explains more.

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