I'm Trying Birth Control For The First Time. Here's Why.

In this Keeping It Z column piece, editor Brooklyn White talks about the importance of taking ownership of her life and body.

In March 2021, I gave birth to my second child, a son. I had a serene home birth and worked with a local midwife and a doula. I also have a daughter who’s turning 3 in early September, so as you can imagine, my husband and I are hiding boxed toys in closets and planning, planning some more, and then planning a little bit more. Motherhood is my most important role in life and I don’t take it lightly.




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With that, I’m 26 years old, I’m passionate about my career and I know my mind and body have limits. So I started taking birth control.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was 23. I had recently started freelance writing and was working with a few popular sites. A few writing/editing gigs later, I had the opportunity to write Missy Elliott’s official bio in support of her then-upcoming album—her first in 15 years. I was over the moon. I remember writing a little bit, bouncing my little girl on my hip while cooking dinner and then going back to write more. Within a month, I landed a full time writing opportunity and my career was on the rise.

Since then, I’ve written cover stories, interviewed some of the most popular stars in modern culture, honed my political voice, sparked far-reaching conversations with viral opinion pieces and more. I’m beyond honored every day to do the work that I do. Like I shared, I also recently had a son, so it’s important that I care for my mental and physical health as I strive.

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Every day is a balancing act. I’m combing hair, writing important stories, feeding my baby boy and helping maintain order within my home. Additionally, of course, I’m recovering from giving birth. I say all this to say that I’m trying to remain whole and not overwhelm myself, which is something I’ve seen so many brilliant Black women do. My kids need me, my husband needs me, I need me. I have to focus on what I have on my plate now so I can be my best me. Birth control helps.

Admittedly, I was nervous at first. I mean, it was my first time and new experiences can bring anxiety. After speaking with a medical professional though, I knew it was the best choice for me. I couldn’t think about what society says I should be doing—it was imperative that I took my own experiences into account.

Being on birth control is giving me options as a young woman. I can better project what the next few years of my life will, and won’t, include. I believe women can make their own decisions about their bodies without political intervention and invasive family members. I’m choosing to focus on my babies, my career goals and overall wellbeing and I’m proud of myself for doing so.

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