India’s Virat Kohli says lockdown offers a great chance to learn and foster mental strength

He’s a megastar of cricket who is constantly in the spotlight – so how is India’s Virat Kohli coping with life in lockdown?

The 31-year-old shared some insightful tips on how to not only survive, but thrive in the absence of cricket – including some great advice on mental health – during a special episode of ‘Cricket Connected’ on Star Sports.

Here’s a taste of what Kohli said when fielding questions from young cricket fans from around the world…

What is the one thing you hate the most from lockdown?

VIRAT: “I wouldn’t say hate but one thing that is a bit difficult on a daily basis is to find motivation to do things – to find purpose in small things. I think that’s a very difficult thing to do. Everyone is used to doing things in a certain manner but I feel it’s a great opportunity to learn and change a few things about ourselves. During this whole phase we shouldn’t hate anything about our own surroundings or the challenges that we face. The one thing that I would not like to see, or have hated in this lockdown, is people not respecting or obeying what is being told to them.

How are you coping with not playing cricket?

VIRAT: “Fortunately I have all my gym equipment at home so I am able to train – that’s not a problem for me. As far as the game goes, luckily I am someone who has always been very, very keen on improving my mental state and not really focusing on practising for long hours in the nets over a period of time. I know once I am in a good frame of mind, I am keeping myself positive and happy and just looking forward in life. Whenever I return to the game I know that I’ll be in a good position to start again from where we left.

“It was a bit tough initially but you start looking at things from a different point of view as the time goes on more and more because eventually you realise that nothing is in your control, so what you can control to an extent is your own mindset and just looking at things in a positive frame of mind. The good thing is that I’ve been able to train; practice was not such a big problem for me before. So that’s what I’m doing – I’m training and keeping fit and staying in a good head space.”

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