Influencer posts unedited pics of curves to show what her real body looks like

Influencer Bree Lenehan is known for her body positive snaps.

And she's been celebrated by fans again with her latest post.

The Australian social media star took to her Instagram page to share honest and unedited snaps as part of her 'Real Me Monday' series.

For this, the brunette shared side-by-side photos which saw her posed and relaxed in gym wear as she showed her followers what her "real" body looked like.

She said she used to "pick at" herself and her body, but now has learned to embrace everything about it – including her "bumpy, dimpled legs", "not-flat tummy", and "juicy body".

Captioning the post, Bree wrote: "Happy Real Me Monday!

"Monday used to be the day I’d look in the mirror & pick myself apart. I’d be extra harsh on myself for eating more, resting more or simply living my life over the weekend.

"I’d give into these unobtainable beauty standards & start a miserable diet in order to become: smaller / less this / more that / good enough.

"So I’m just leaving this here as a little reminder that your real, unposed, bumpy, dimpled legs, non-flat tummy, juicy bod is absolutely stunning!

"I’m here to *kindly & gently* slap away those negative thoughts that tell you you should be drastically changing your lifestyle & body today…"

She continued: "Living a healthy lifestyle & nourishing your body is a YES from me, I’m not saying you shouldn’t look after yourself, but hating yourself in the process, setting unrealistic expectations & making unsustainable changes that feel more like punishment is a big NO!

"Resting, eating & having fat on your body is not unhealthy or anything to be ashamed of. In fact, they’re all extremely vital for a healthy body. Ok? Got it? Good.

"P.s. I’m very aware that my body doesn’t represent all body types & shapes, but I’d much prefer to showcase my normalities than portray perfection. I’m hoping that by showing my normal, it’ll encourage you to embrace yours, no matter how that looks for you!

"Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, so create your own beauty standards! You don’t owe anyone their idea of 'perfection' & you don’t have to pretend you have your shiz together for strangers on the internet. Do you, for you. OK LOVE YOU."

Fans were loving the post, as it racked up more than 25,000 likes.

One gushed: "You’re so gorgeous and inspiring."

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