Inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s £20m lavish Gulfstream G200 jet in which he flies at 560mph with Georgina Rodriguez – The Sun

CRISTIANO Ronaldo lives a jet-set lifestyle, regularly travelling between his Turin base and his homeland, Portugal.

So it makes sense the Juventus star bought a Gulfstream G200 twin-engine jet in 2015 for £20million.

He and girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez have been seen making the most of the luxury transport.

And it's worth every penny, as you'll see here…


Originally named the 'Astra Galaxy', the G200 is capable of reaching a top speed of 560mph.

That means it takes Ronaldo roughly six hours and 25 minutes to fly from Funchal Airport on the island of Madeira to Turin in Italy.

Its range is up to 3,910 miles with four passengers in tow, so it's ideal for quick flights from Italy to hubs around Europe.

But the G200 offers a generous seating configuration, and can fit as many as eight to 10 passengers for one flight.


After its first flight in 1997 was followed by certification from the US and Israeli aviation agencies in 1998, the G200 was made available in 1999.

It was something of a rarity though, with only 250 ever made – making Ronaldo's purchase that even more exclusive.

The final production G200 rolled off the production line in 2011, when the G250 started to gain popularity.

So, it's vintage!


As you can imagine, and what £20m buys you, the G200 is filled with features that'll make flying in it a luxury.

As well as being roomy, Ronaldo has a wardrobe where he store his designer clothes.

There's Wi-Fi, a telephone, fax machine, electric oven, microwave, refrigerator, and an entertainment system.

Perhaps those who fly with CR7 are treated with an elaborate in-flight movie of his greatest goals collection.

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