Inside Mike Tyson’s savage sparring sessions as one ex-pro reveals ‘his punches made you cry… even with a head guard’ – The Sun

MIKE TYSON could reduce grown men to tears while sparring – even if they were wearing a head guard and "body armour."

Former heavyweight Joe Egan has revealed what it was like to step into the ring with the Baddest Man on the Planet.

Tyson, 53, looks set to make his return to the ring for a round-four fight to raise money for charity. 

The American became the youngest heavyweight champion in history in 1986, aged 20.

As he prepares for his comeback aged 53, Egan has revealed exactly what it was like to spar Tyson.

He revealed that fighters were not allowed to step into the ring with him without a head guard, had to wear big gloves and even body armour.

Egan, also known as the Abominable Showman, said: "Against  ferocious puncher like Mike, you've got to work on your defence.

"When he connected with a flurry of solid punches, you couldn't remember what hit you, just the pain – that's what you remembered, the pain.

"And the swelling came after. When sparring Mike you had to wear a head guard, you couldn't spar him without a head guard.

"And also you wore big gloves, and sometimes body armour to protect your ribcage because his blows were just so brutal.

"He had the capacity to snap a man. It was like he could break bones with punches.

"Believe you me, he could fight and hurt you real bad in the ring – even make you cry.

"He hurt me and made me cry many times. Yes, he made grown men cry at the camp.

"But after sparring sessions Mike would embrace his sparring partners. His sparring partners helped him to get to the top of his chosen sport."

Before he added: "There are only a few people – including Lennon Lewis, Evander Holyfield and myself – who have been in the ring with Mike at their peak who he never actually put on the floor."

Tyson – who had horrible emotions of fear during his infamous ring walks – ended his incredible record of 50-6 including 44 knockouts.


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